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CA Kajal Shah-Oza (Chartered accountant) The proprietor of Masala Secret (manufacturer of tea masala powder and whole spice powder) on November 8, 2020, has been given a kick start to become a new entrepreneur, with grand thoughts of making a delicious kitchen. As a Gujarati maravadi baniya, I always wanted to be a game changer as a business owner. Being a Gujarati and a true lover of tea, in recent decades I felt the real quality of the food we buy and we make has lost the purity and the unforgettable incense which we had felt decades ago. We handpick, break and smell the material (spices) before we bag it, and we prepare the masala powders in a hygienic procedure, protecting the grandma’s pinch of flavor. 

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This is pretty damn good. Think of a nice hot cup of tea with all the spices (masala) that you would put in it, especially on a rainy day—this has all those spices and the taste. The aroma itself is tempting enough to make you want to make some tea. little masala in the tea and you can smell the fragrance from 2 rooms away.
Venkatesh Rao
I have been using Masala Secret since the brand started, or rather I can say, born!! I have tried all their products and can surely vouch for their taste and quality. I am a big chai lover, so I know if it's not the right masala, it's not just the chai that is spoiled but your entire day!!

Tulika Vishal
Masala Secret tea masala is a perfect blend of condiments to give my family the exact taste that they have been used to for years. The quality and taste are consistent, and ordering is hassle-free and prompt. Thank you, masala secret, for making our morning cuppa tea more delightful.

Vartika bhandari
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Spice up your life with our delicious Tea Masala and Whole Spice Masala powders. Our Combo Offer combines the best of both worlds, bringing you the perfect blend of flavor and aroma for your tea and dishes.

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