Incense blend of spices for chai & Kitchen Masalas

The brand was built with a lot of passion for cooking and making the recipes more delicious. The thought came out during lock down. October 2020 was really a special season for us. We made the decision to prepare authentic spice powders that serve the original taste and aroma while cooking and enjoying the recipe.

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The concept is climbing up with a huge volume of orders every single day. We have crawled and chased the dream of becoming the most liked masala brand in the market. We have been supplying our special masalas to multiple clients and MNC companies. We were watching B2B sales break through barriers and reach every retail outlet. And this is only possible because we hand pick and select the spices every time. We buy them from the merchants who hold the best stocks.

The softly grinded spice masala powder is a unique blend of dry ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, green cardamom, and cloves, which makes the delicious chai the most popular tea. The ingredients have the power to boost immunity and have a higher content of antioxidants. The super combination of spices makes the chai aromatic, thick and colorful.

We are now growing steadily and refreshing the kitchens in millions of homes. Print and social media are the silent sources of branding our authentic Masala Powder. We offer a sip of chai in various crowded malls. At the moment, we are also looking for distribution in the cities, more likely in Tier 1 and Tier 2. We are really very close in the market to becoming the super chai powder and the best in the kitchen masala powder segment.

USPs of the Products –

  • Our spices are prepared only in a pure and authentic manner.
  •  Our whole spice powder blends in flawlessly with food preparation.
  •  Our whole spice powder gives food preparations a rich aroma and texture.
  • Our chai masala is prepared from Grandma’s recipe. And, as tradition and culture show, all the above-mentioned products are really good for the human body.
  •  It has a long shelf life of one year.
  •  Hygienically packaged to keep dust and dirt at bay 
Authentic spice masala powder gives your food a refreshing taste  Authentic Chai masala powder made out of a unique blend of spices energises you with every sip you take.
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